[Dabai sugar popsicles_Dabai sugar popsicles Daquan]

Big sugar popsicle is a kind of popsicle that many people like to eat in summer. It has a good effect of cooling off heat and reducing heat. Usually, big sugar popsicles can be made at home.

If you want to make the taste better, you can prepare some fresh milk to make it, or you can use milk powder instead. Let’s take a look at the practice of big white sugar popsicles.

Daquan popsicles practice Daquan 1.

Starch is turned into water.


1 Put in an appropriate amount of sugar and boil.


2 Put boiling water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Pour in starch and stir well.


1 Pour the cooled sugar into the ice mold and insert the popsicle.


2 Cool.


Put it in the freezer and freezer for half a day.


The frozen sugar popsicles can be eaten by removing the mold.

Method 2: Main ingredients: white sugar 100, auxiliary material: starch, specific steps, first step, starch is opened with water, second step, put boiling water in the soup pot, pour the starch, pour the starch into the third step, and then add the right amount of white sugar.boil.
The fourth step is cooling.

The fifth step is to pour the cooled sugar into the ice mold and insert the popsicle.

The sixth step is put in the freezer for half a day. The seventh step is to release the frozen sugar popsicles. You can start eating the sugar and its effects. The sugar has various effects and functions. It is very good in supplementing nutrition, cooking and beauty.Effect and role, and then, I will explain to everyone one by one, to help everyone re-understand the effectiveness of white sugar, so that white sugar can play the biggest effect.

1. Efficacy and role of supplementary nutrition When people (especially infants and the elderly) eat food, do not eat it with raw sugar.

The correct way to eat is to first heat 3?
After eating for 5 minutes, I think that sugar is very likely to breed parasites, and it is easy to have adverse effects on the body when eaten raw.

Appropriate consumption of sugar can help the body absorb calcium, but too much will prevent calcium absorption.

Baitangping, sweetness, moisturizing the lungs and replenishing fluids, replenishing qi and tonifying qi, clearing away heat and dampness, resolving phlegm and cough, detoxifying and sobering, lowering turbidity and refreshing sensation; can be used for the treatment of qi deficiency, spleen deficiency, diarrhea, lung dryness, cough, mouthDry thirst and complications such as athlete’s foot, scabies, brine poisoning, scrotum eczema.

In addition, sugar has antibacterial and antiseptic effects.

So white sugar is very suitable for coughing lung deficiency, dry mouth and thirst, as well as drunk people, hypoglycemia patients. It has a benefit to this type of patients and can improve their physical health.

However, some patients with such diseases need to pay attention to not eating sugar. Some people with diabetes, those with heavy phlegm, and those with obesity. At the same time, it is best not to eat sugar before going to bed at night, especially children, otherwise the teeth will be easily damaged.

2, beauty functions and effects White sugar is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C is a natural whitening agent, used for whitening is absolutely safe and healthy.

And sugar also contains a kind of polysaccharide, which has antioxidant function, can help our skin anti-aging, and is a good partner for women.

The benefits of white sugar washing are that some sugar contains a piece that can help wounds heal, so if there are acne on the face, you can also use white sugar to remove acne marks and heal wounds caused by acne.

However, it should also be noted that due to the penetration of particles, sugar may cause friction and damage to the skin, so it should not be used too much.