There are nine meridians on the face to face the face. There are 9 meridians in the face of the human body! 1, Renmai: (the beginning of the per
Corn - health care products in coarse grains Chinese medicine believes that medicines and foods are homologous. In the book of the Yellow Emperor's
Some elderly people love to say "sweet words" "Good words, a warm three winter", warm is not only the obedient person, but also the speaker himself.
Slow walking and running, no health, away from low back pain, stomach trouble. endless use What is the body's favorite posture? Neither lying, n
30 minutes after a meal is the key to losing weight Losing weight does not necessarily reduce your body, and the key to losing your body is to start
Old people's fitness is faster than walking fast and slow to protect the knee joint The folk songs "have no urgency, and take a break," is to remi